Here For You!
Ministering The Word of God world wide (through every medium available)
Prayer and Prophetic Ministry (To build and edify our generations)
Involvement in events and sessions of social and educational improvement
Raising awareness of the Christ culture (We preach Jesus as Lord of all)
Empowering, Igniting & Mobilizing leaders of the church at large
How may I serve you?

The mandate I have received is clear; to make disciples... This
entails many intricacies and involves a variety of measures.  
Ministry to the total person, Mind, Body and spirit is part of our
overall mission in the earth.

I fulfill this call on my life by the preaching and teaching of Godly
principles believed to be found in the Holy Bible.  Through it, I know
that personal growth and achievement of goals on every plain of
your existence can be realized.
You can reach to us for participation of any events which are
wholesome and beneficial to mankind.  We gladly consider all
opportunities to spread the Word of God and also to assist in the
progress of good toward people.   Invite us to speak for your event;
it's quick and easy to do:
Notify us on: @bishopdawneagle